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Love isn't love till you give it away
Words aren't alive till you've something to say....

What do the different number of ROSES mean?

1 rose ---- Love at first sight
2 roses ---- Mutual Feelings
3 roses ---- I Love you
9 roses---- Together as long as we live
10 roses--- You are perfect
11 roses--- You are my one and only
12 roses--- Be my Steady/Perfect Love
13 roses--- Forever friends
15 roses--- I am really sorry
20 roses--- I am sincere towards you
21 roses--- I am committed to you
36 roses--- I will remember our romantic moments
40 roses--- My love is genuine
99 roses--- Will love you till the day I die
100 roses-- Totally devoted to you
101 roses-- You are my one and only
108 roses-- Will you marry me?
999 roses-- My love will last till the end of time.

Why wait some more?