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Birthday Gems (Stones)

Month Gem Indication
Garnet, Alexanderite
Aquamarine, Black Star
Diamond, Zircon
Emerald, Jade
Pearl, Agate
Ruby Star,Ruby
Moon Stone, Peridot
Sapphire Star, Sapphire
Opal ,Cat's Eye
Turquoise, Blue Zircon

An Introduction to Crystals, Gems, Stones

Rocks and minerals are basic fundamentals components of the earth beneath our feet. There are approximately 3,000 different forms. Some have always been valued for their beauty and rarity whilst others have a more straightforward structural function. However, the resourcefulness of man has meant that appropriate uses have been found for them all at some point in history.

Gorgeous gemstones - usually it is regular, beautiful and exact. Gemstones have excited desire and imaginations for thousands of years. Created by chance in an unbelievably hostile environment, their crystals have a form precise enoguh to delight scientists, colors bold and variable enough to inspire artists, and a chemical make-up as unpredictable and intriguing as the weather.

Crystals are the flowers of the Mineral Kingdom. If only for their beauty and radiance, people naturally linger around then to behold, whether temporarily in rock shops or more permanently by acquiring them as home decors.

Yet there is mucch more to crystal than meets the eye. Throughout history, crystals have been used as power objects by ancient civilizations. Kings and Queens used around their heads to bring out Wisdom in their rule.

Early Egyptians, as well as the Greeks and the Romans, used them for health and protection, for attracting virtues as well as for talisman and amulets to bring about desired effects. Indian astrologers recommend the use of gems for avoiding misfortunes and to counteract negative effects of planetary influences.

Even Chinese, American Indians and Mexican tribes used crystals for various purposes from diagnosis of diseases to attracting fortune.

As solidfied light, crystals reflect the white light that refracts into all the colors of the spectrum. Having such frequency makes crystal one of the most beautiful manifestations of God's creation.

We in the Human Kingdom are also crystals in essence and can reflect the Light by radiating it from within. The same radiance refracts into the different colors that define our energy field or aura. We can then express our brilliance like crystals and also manifest the beauty of the Creator.

Our challenge lies in crystallizing ourselves by being in alignment and in integrity with our thoughts, words, actions and harmonizing our mind and body and become whole and one with "The Source", the Light.

Being amplifiers, trasmitters, conductors and transformers of energy, crystals can be programmed personally for goal-setting, protection from harm, mental telepathy, creating solutions to challenges and for manifesting dreams.

How do crystal work?

Crystals have electromagnetic power or piezo electric properties. This can intensify the human electromagnetic field - aura - that we all have, helping to clarify thoughts, channel energy and heal. The flow of electrons through the crystal combined with it's ability to resonate with, amplify and transmute your own personal energy shows how crystal can be such a powerful and positive energy tool for working on the human mind, body and soul.

Use crystals in almost any situation - to amplify your energy to create what you want. Crystals can clarify your thoughts, increase your physical energy, create emotional balance, enhance your intuition and creativity and heal your body. If this sounds too good to be true. How about being an "open-minded sceptic" and experimenting first. You might be in for quite a surprise!

Many people carry their favourite stones with them in their pockets, a pouch or handbag. By touching the stone, you allow its specific energy to work with your energy and so bring about more balance in your mind and body.

Wearing crystal jewellery is a powerful way to balance and support your energy. Worn close to or touching the body, the crystal's energy merges with your aura, subtly balancing you physically and emotionally all day.

How to choose crystals ...for yourself and other?

The main point in choosing a crystal is to trust your own impulsive, intuitive attraction. Or you might choose the types of crystal first according to its function or color and then choose the particular specimen that most suites you.

When choosing crystals as gifts, first imagine the person in you mind, or feel them in your heart, then concentrate on the crystals. Then find one that seems to fit in with the person you are imagining. It is the same as choosing one for yourself - If it looks and feels right, then it will be!